Following my role with the Mariners in their historic 2022 season, I moved up the street and into The Deep as the newest Social Media Specialist, with a focus on emerging platforms, for the Seattle Kraken. With the transition into this role, I became the youngest social media admin in the National Hockey League and put an immediate focus on growing our audience on TikTok, while also contributing to the team as a whole. Our digital team is committed to doing things differently and setting a new standard among NHL teams, allowing us to consistently be at the top of the league in engagement.
TikTok, being one of the most impactful emerging platforms, was my primary focus when joining the team. Our key commitment became remaining active and engaging with not just hockey fans, but becoming a part of a greater online community. Our following quickly grew by over 55k followers within my first 2.5 months with the Kraken. Along with this, we had 6 videos hit over a million views, all of which being the first 6 million-view videos the Kraken have had on the platform.
I continue to work daily on our TikTok presence, while also focusing on Instagram Reels, Youtube Shorts, and our day-to-day social coverage across all platforms.